Many patients need additional assistance in order to maximize their listening environment. At Shohet Ear associates near Los Angeles, California, we offer the latest assistive listening devices to meet these needs. Amplified telephones, amplified headsets for cell phone usage, television amplification and alerting devices are just a few ALDs available. Shohet Ear Associates also offers state of the art FM systems for children. An FM system can dramatically assist a child in the classroom or other noisy environment by obtaining input directly from the source, while reducing all other background.

Hearing Aids & Cell Phones

Millions of people who wear hearing aids have a difficult time with the use of digital cell phones. The problem is the way that sound is emitted over a wireless network. The conversation is transmitted using radio waves creating an electromagnetic field around the cell phone.These radio waves or radio frequency emissions (RF) interfere with the desired signal.To complicate matters, each cell phone carrier has their own technology in transmitting calls over a wireless network. Some people may be able to use one service provider more easily than another.

The FCC has established rules for service providers and cell phone manufacturers that require them to offer at least two phones with reduced interference, or ensure that one-fourth of the phones that service providers sell, produce less interference. Manufacturers and carriers will also have to provide some phones with telecoil coupling capability so that they will work with certain types of hearing aids. By February 2008, the FCC is stressing that fifty percent of all digital cell phones produced must have less interference.

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Wireless Phones and Hearing Aid Accessibility

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