What Is It?

MAXUM is a revolutionary technology that provides significant benefits over hearing aids by providing more clarity while reducing feedback and occlusion. The minimally invasive implant procedure can be performed in a procedure room or outpatient clinic under a local anesthetic.

How It Works

Unlike hearing aids which use a speaker to amplify sounds, MAXUM uses an advanced sound processor which sends electric signals to a transceiver coil. These signals are transferred by electromagnetic energy across the eardrum to the MAXUM implant which causes the ossicles to vibrate, thereby directly stimulating the cochlea (inner ear). Direct cochlear stimulation provides cleaner, crisper sound quality and more amplification without feedback. This also allows for improved audibility and speech understanding.

Watch this short video to learn more about how the MAXUM works:


Hearing aids have limitations because they use a speaker to amplify sound.  Some of this amplified sound can escape from the ear canal and get picked up by the hearing aid’s microphone which causes feedback, an obnoxious squealing sound. To manage feedback, it is necessary to plug up the ear so that less sound can escape which can cause occlusion.

When the ear canal is plugged, amplified sound waves from the hearing aid speaker reflect and bump into each other causing a distorted or unnatural sound quality. Because Maxum is speaker-less and utilizes an advanced electromagnetic coil and implant which directly drives the inner ear to “amplify” sounds, the result is cleaner, crisper sound quality and more amplification while reducing or eliminating feedback and occlusion.

Key Benefits

① Reduce Feedback
Feedback occurs when the sound from a hearing aid speaker leaks back to the microphone.  The MAXUM has NO speaker, so feedback is reduced or eliminated.

② Minimize Occlusion
Occlusion, or closing off the ear canal, results in the user’s voice sounding hollow. The MAXUM is “open fit” allowing one’s voice to sound more natural.

③ Improve Sound Quality
The MAXUM System utilizes an electromagnetic coil to “amplify” sounds providing cleaner, crisper sound quality and more amplification.

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