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The videos below have been specially selected by the staff at Shohet Ear Associates to provide additional information for new and returning patients in an easy to access format.

Hearing Aids: Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

Covers the benefits of a digital hearing aid, compared to other options.

Cochlear Implants

Describes the cochlear implant, how it compares to hearing aids, and how it is implanted.

Hearing Aids: Extended Wear

This narrative is a treatment overview for Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid.

Otosclerosis: Overview

Reviews otosclerosis, a disease of the bones of the middle and inner ear. Describes the symptoms and effects on the inner ear.

Cholesteatoma: Overview

Describes a cholesteatoma, how it forms, and how it can effect your ear and hearing.

Audiogram: Overview

Describes how an audiogram is used within a hearing test.

Acoustic Neuroma: Overview

Explains what an acoustic neuroma is and how it can affect the function of the ear.

Allergies: Introduction

A general introduction to the causes of allergies and symptoms of allergic reactions.

Allergies: Overview

Shows how allergies develop as a reaction to allergens, and how the release of histamine and leukotrienes results in many common allergy symptoms.

Allergies: Sublingual Immunotherapy

An overview of immunotherapy, a treatment designed to build tolerance to allergens.

Allergies: Testing

Describes the testing options available for allergies.

Balance: Overview

Explains how balance is controlled by the vestibular system within the inner ear.

BPPV: Overview

Describes BPPV, or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, a condition affecting the inner ear.

BPPV: Treatment – Epley Maneuver

Describes The Epley Maneuver, a treatment for BPPV.

Cholesteatoma: Treatment Overview

Reviews the treatment for a cholesteatoma, including antibiotics and surgical options.

Ear Tubes: Overview

This narrative is a Procedure overview of Ear Tubes.

Ear Tubes: Post-Op

This narrative is a Procedure overview of Ear Tubes post operative.

Ear Wax: Overview

An overview of ear wax, its purpose within the ear, and how a buildup can effect your ears and hearing.

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

This video demonstrates where the eustachian tube is located and some simple treatments. It also shows the child and adult anatomy, and explains why children are prone to ear infections.

Hearing Loss: Conductive

This narrative is an overview about Conductive Hearing Loss and the associated treatment options.

Hearing Loss: Mixed

This narrative is an overview about Mixed Hearing Loss and the associated treatment options.

Hearing Loss: Overview

Reviews the varieties of hearing loss and discusses their causes.

Hearing Loss: Sensorineural

This narrative is an overview about Sensorineural Hearing Loss and the associated treatment options.

Hearing Loss: Signs of Hearing Loss

An overview of the signs and symptoms of hearing loss.

How Hearing Works

Explains how hearing works as vibrations picked up within the ear.

Middle Ear Infection: Overview

An overview of otitis media, or a middle ear infection. Explains the effects of such an infection, and the issues faced if left untreated.

Middle Ear Infection: Symptoms

This narrative is an overview of Otitis Media, commonly referred to as a Middle Ear Infection

Otosclerosis: Treatment Overview

Describes the treatments for otosclerosis, including medications, hearing aids and surgical procedures

Perforated Ear Drum: Overview

Describes the symptoms of a ruptured, or perforated, ear drum.

Swimmer’s Ear: Overview

Reviews Swimmer’s Ear (Otitis Externa), its causes, and available treatments for both minor and severe cases

Vignette: Hearing Loss and Earbud Usage

This vignette is an overview of Hearing loss associated with using earbuds.

Hearing Loss – Lifestyle Considerations

This vignette is an overview of Hearing loss Lifestyle considerations.

Hearing Loss Tests

This vignette is an overview of Hearing Tests.