What Is the Earlens® Hearing Solution?

Earlens is the only hearing solution to directly vibrate the eardrum to transmit sound, delivering the most complete sound of any hearing aid on the market.

Conventional hearing aids use a small speaker to amplify sounds. However, speakers can only amplify a limited range of frequencies without sound distortion or whistling.

Earlens uses a small lens placed on your eardrum to directly activate your natural hearing system. The result is rich, complete sound. In a clinical study, the vast majority of people reported that Earlens made it easier to understand people in noisy environments and participate in group situations.* In the same study, 95% of users were satisfied with the sound quality of Earlens.* The unique hearing technology that Earlens uses also eliminates the major source of whistling that troubles conventional hearing aids.

With Earlens, an ENT physician and hearing health professional work closely together to ensure that you get the best treatment possible,

Learn more about the Earlens technology or hear a patient testimonial below:

Dante's Earlens Experience

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