Fitting of hearing aids

Assistive listening devices

Custom earbuds for cell phones and iPods
Help musicians, cell-phone users and people working in noisy environments to block out unwanted noise, while being able to hear important communications.

Custom Swim Plugs and Hearing Protection
To guard the ear from water or bacteria, and hearing protection such as custom noise reduction or musician ear plugs. Cell phone and medical ear pieces are also available.

Custom Ear Molds and Musician Monitors

  • Our audiologists can fit and custom-order ear molds and in-the-ear monitors.
  • Custom Swim plugs provide surfers and swimmers with wind as well as moisture protection. A mold is taken and plugs are created for a precise fit and ultimate protection from water or bacteria.
  • Musician monitors help performers to hear accurately so they can perform at their peak, manage sound across the entire frequency range, and attain ambient noise reduction.


Harry C., 84

I had purchased a set of hearing aids from another vendor, but they just weren’t working for me. My new hearing aids are fabulous and my audiologist, Cheryl Tanita, was more than eager to be sure they were right. Everyone was courteous, efficient and very professional. I’m very grateful to the entire staff.

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