Perry M., 31Perry M., 31

I was in a bad car accident when I was 17 and always assumed that it was the cause of the hearing loss and tinnitus I developed in both my ears. In 2005, I had surgery to try and correct it in my right ear, but the surgery wasn’t that successful and the experience made me feel like I was just a number, not a patient. After doing a lot of research on the Internet about my condition and other ear surgeons, I found Dr. Shohet. I watched him in the YouTube videos, and he seemed like a wonderful doctor—very compassionate. I saw him in April 2011 and learned that my problem was actually genetic---I had an underdeveloped middle ear. I finally got approval from my HMO to have Dr. Shohet do a stapedectomy in my left ear. It was the same surgery I had in 2005, but the difference between surgeons was incredible. Dr. Shohet gave me all the time in the world. He told me what to expect before and after the surgery. He was incredibly gentle and compassionate. I was up and around after the first day and answering emails by day three. I was back to work in a week. I have gone from maybe 25 percent hearing in my left ear to nearly 90 percent hearing. The whole experience was incredible!

Harold S.Harold S.

Dr. Shohet removed my acoustic neuroma five years ago and like other patients undergoing that surgery, I have had no hearing in one ear as a result. The hearing aid I was wearing for my good ear was a bit of a nuisance so I didn’t wear it much. When we heard that Shohet Ear Associates was having an Open House in its Los Alamitos office to show off new hearing aids, my wife said we should go. We did,  and learned about the Phonak BiCROS device. It’s much smaller, so it’s easier to put on. It allows me to hear people talking by my deaf ear using wireless sound transmittal to my good ear. I really like that I can raise and lower the volume using the little buttons on the devices. And the sound quality is much cleaner and sharper. I don’t have background noise because it is suppressed, allowing me to hear words more clearly. My wife and I are both much happier with this new hearing device!

Jim S., 46Jim S., 46

“Although I am not a surfer, I suffered with surfer’s ear for nearly five years. I even had to go to the emergency room to get my ears unplugged. Dr. Shohet operated on me and the outcome has been incredible.  My hearing is back to normal and I am thrilled. From the moment I first walked into the office to my follow-up visit, everyone in the office has been very concerned and professional. I never felt rushed. I’ve recommended Shohet Ear Associates to just about everyone.”

Edward Taub, MD, FAAPEdward Taub, MD, FAAP

Modern healthcare has become more and more impersonal, so even for a senior physician such as myself, with a serious medical problem, it often feels like I'm being treated as a number or an object, instead of a real live person with real concerns, doubts and fears.

I can only imagine what it must feel like to be an ordinary patient (i.e., not a doctor) in the current healthcare system, because along with all the great advances in medicine and surgery, there has also been a dramatic decrease in the professional qualities that I believe are required for an optimal patient-physician relationship. These basic qualities are "caring, concern and compassion"--which unfortunately are slowly giving way to technology, insurance plans and modes of payment.

It's been 50 years since I entered medical school and along the way I've probably treated illnesses over a million times as both a board-certified pediatrician and a family doctor. I've also written 8 books on wellness and preventive medicine. So I know a thing or two about choosing the best physicians for myself, my family and my patients.

My search for optimal medical care generally boils down to three parts: I consider a physician's skill, training and experience; then I look for a physician who realizes that the physical, mental and spiritual resources of patients are a crucial part of any total treatment strategy--along with the best that modern medicine has to offer; then I look for the physician's ability to communicate--especially to project caring, concern and compassion.

Fortunately, even though our healthcare system is flawed, the nobility of Medicine still shines brightly in many physicians in all fields and specialties. For me, at a very scary time in my life (I woke up one day with a profound sudden hearing loss in one ear), Dr. Jack Shohet and his office staff fulfilled my considerable needs as a patient who also happens to be a doctor. Dr. Shohet offered me state of the art medical and surgical care, calmed my fears, and made me feel safe in his capable hands. In return, I want to extend my hand to Dr. Shohet's current and future patients by letting them know that they, too, are in the best of hands.

Edward A. Taub, M.D. F.A.A.P.

Rose TRose T

My hearing has been deteriorating over a number of years. In the past year, I realized it was becoming progressively worse. My inability to hear well was beginning to affect both my personal and professional life. I had a hearing test and was planning to purchase traditional hearing aids. I saw an ad for the Lyric and made an appointment with Dr. Shohet. On my first visit, I walked out wearing the Lyric. I wear it 24/7 with no maintenance or batteries to replace. It is like a miracle. My hearing is so natural. I forget I am wearing the Lyric.

Marcia Gagne WeissMarcia Gagne Weiss

I was diagnosed with an inner ear disease in my 30s and as my doctor predicted, my hearing got progressively worse. I have always been a singer and met my husband while performing with a professional vocal troupe. We loved performing together, until I could no longer hear the melody, key changes, & harmony I was supposed to sing. We stopped performing in 2002 and like many people with hearing loss, I started to withdraw socially, and had very low self-esteem. With a 70 percent hearing loss, I spent increasingly more time on my computer. That’s when I learned about the clinical trials for a totally implantable hearing aid.

When I called the number for more information, I was referred to Dr. Shohet. I could immediately tell he was competent, sincere, and very caring. I knew I wanted the surgery and was admitted to the trial. My first Esteem device was implanted by Dr. Shohet in 2006. My life changed 180 degrees! My hearing was so much better that my husband and I went back to performing. But I still had hearing loss in the other ear. I was told I was a candidate for having the Esteem implanted in the other ear, and became the only patient on the West Coast to have bilateral Esteem devices implanted. That surgery was done by Dr. Shohet in August 2010. I’ve been so happy with the change in my life and hearing, I felt I just had to pay it forward. I became an Esteem Ambassador and am one of Dr. Shohet’s biggest fans! It’s great not having to deal with hearing aids. The Envoy Esteem literally changed my life.

Patrick and Susan C.Patrick and Susan C.

Susan: I appreciated how my audiologist explained everything to me, including what to expect when I moved on to a more powerful hearing aid.  She said, ‘We work for you in getting them right.’ And they did. My hearing aids are perfect—I love them!

Patrick: Seeing Dr. Shohet was a life-changing experience for me. He gave me hope that my hearing could be restored. My experience could not be any more positive!

John G, 62John G, 62

After years of working in construction, I developed tinnitus. The constant ringing in my ears was distracting and impacting my life. I read about neuromonics on the Shohet Ear Associates website and decided to look into it. The staff in Dr. Shohet’s office was very professional, understood my condition and helped me feel at ease. Now, two months into treatment, I have the confidence to know that I can go to sleep, or just sit and relax my mind using the neuromonics. I’m doing the everyday things I used to do before I developed tinnitus. I can’t say enough good things about my experience.

Darren Moody, Champion Body BoarderDarren Moody, Champion Body Boarder

"Dr Shohet has done surgery on me twice, and he was more concerned about how I was doing than any other doctor I've seen. It was pretty comforting to know that my doctor cared that much about me and my recovery. I was very pleased with the care I received."

Izzy Paskowitz, Director, Paskowitz Surf CampIzzy Paskowitz, Director, Paskowitz Surf Camp

Surfer's ear was making my life miserable. I was experiencing hearing loss and having recurrent ear infections. Dr. Shohet used a simple procedure to clear my ears and help restore my hearing. I'm back in the water and back in action. I wouldn't go to any other ear doctor--my result was terrific.

Taj Burrow, World Class Champion SurferTaj Burrow, World Class Champion Surfer

Surfer’s Ear was making me miserable when I was referred to Dr. Shohet several years ago. He performed surgery on an outpatient basis and I was back in the water in no time. So when my other ear needed to be cleared of Surfer’s Ear growths, I went back to Dr. Shohet. I highly recommend him to other surfers. He is a terrific doctor, and gave me lots of confidence before, during and after my surgery. The whole process was a piece of a cake.

Jennifer G.Jennifer G.

Our son Miles was born with aural atresia, leaving him with no ear canal on his left and only a partial ear canal on his right. We were told that nothing could be done for him until he was about nine. We had come to the point where we accepted that Miles would never speak much. But when we enrolled him in a special school for children who are deaf or hard of hearing, we learned about Dr. Jack Shohet and how progressive he is. Dr. Shohet did surgery on Miles when he was five, and he actually built a new ear canal for Miles. We’ve gone from no hearing on his left side at all, to full hearing with the assistance of a hearing aid to detect very quiet sounds. In eight months, Miles became a completely different child. He went from not speaking much, to developing language skills where he could speak complete sentences. During one visit, Miles got off the exam table and told Dr. Shohet, ‘Thank you for helping me.’ In a few weeks, Miles will have surgery to correct his right ear canal, and we are confident that he will be in the best of hands. Dr. Shohet gave us our son back!

Mary B. and son Rod, 7Mary B. and son Rod, 7

Dr. Shohet and Cheryl Tanita are so good with children! Rod was deaf in both ears and he just wasn’t hearing with his hearing aids. His speech development was not progressing. Dr. Shohet suggested a cochlear implant and at our initial consultation, he answered every one of my questions--2 pages worth! He performed the implant procedure nearly 2 years ago and the results have been terrific.

Cheryl has also been great. After Rod’s implant, she made sure his mapping was perfect—she wouldn't let us leave until she found a way to make it just right. Now, Rod’s speech is normal. He was mainstreamed in Kindergarten and is excelling along with the rest of his peers. How can you ever thank someone for giving your child a ‘normal’ life?

Harry C., 84Harry C., 84

I had purchased a set of hearing aids from another vendor, but they just weren’t working for me. My new hearing aids are fabulous and my audiologist, Cheryl Tanita, was more than eager to be sure they were right. Everyone was courteous, efficient and very professional. I’m very grateful to the entire staff.

Nile B., 59Nile B., 59

When it comes to hearing aids, I am their customer for life! I’ve bought two pairs from Shohet Ear Associates and the staff has always bent over backwards to be sure I was satisfied. My newest instruments are wonderful. But beyond that, the staff has great compassion for their patients—no one has ever made me feel like I was bothering them. I think they walk on water, because of what they do for me.

Dr B.Dr B.

I have been wearing hearing aids for the last 15 years and always found them annoying, even exhausting, often distracting me from the conversation going on around me. I only wore them when I had to, such as in the classroom or in meetings, but always took them out the minute the meeting was over. I really disliked the fact that they could not distinguish between what I did—and did not--want to hear. I couldn’t even hear what someone sitting next to me whispered in my ear!

My new hearing aids work in ways my old ones never did.The advances made by digital hearing aids over the old analogue ones are nothing short of spectacular.These are the first devices that I truly feel comfortable wearing without feeling fatigued by that "plugged up" feeling. In fact I don’t feel like I am wearing anything at all in my ears. And the sound quality is superb. They work so perfectly, I wear them all the time except when I go to bed. And my audiologist, Megan, made sure they passed the whisper test. I am very pleased with my hearing, thanks to these new devices.

Ava and ShariAva and Shari

My husband and I learned that Ava was profoundly deaf in both ears when she was five weeks old---it was very emotional for me. I wasn’t satisfied with our experience with the first specialist we saw, so when I heard about Dr. Jack Shohet, I wanted to meet him. I heard that people come from all over the world to be treated by Dr. Shohet. I walked out of my first meeting with him convinced I wanted him to perform Ava’s cochlear implant surgery. Not only did he have the expertise, but he took the time to answer all my questions. I never felt rushed. He was also the only one who could tell me why my daughter was deaf.

Dr. Shohet performed two separate cochlear implant surgeries on Ava. He was wonderful before, during and after the surgeries. Now that both devices have been turned on, the difference in Ava is amazing. She knows her name, she dances to music. If the door slams, she’ll turn around to look. At only 14 months, she talks a lot. Judging by my experience with my four other children, I’d say her speech development is right on schedule. If you didn’t see her implants, you’d never know she was deaf.

Alex M.

I first met Dr. Shohet in 1999 when I noticed that my hearing loss was becoming a problem. Ten years later, the hearing loss in my right ear was so profound that I decided to go back to Dr. Shohet and get it fixed.  He went above and beyond discussing the various possible solutions, including hearing aids or surgery to make sure that I would get the best fix for my Otosclerosis.

After determining that a hearing aid would not fit my requirements, we scheduled my surgery and in a short waiting period I was in the OR getting my Stapedectomy. The whole experience with Dr. Shohet was first class and the results were a lot better that expected. The hospital experience (Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA) was NOT traumatic AT ALL, and instead surprisingly pleasant. In my case the pain was almost nonexistent. In just three weeks after my surgery and thanks to Dr. Shohet and his staff, I am enjoying the feeling of stereo sound at moderately low volume after 12 years of severe hearing loss and I am hoping to continue improving as the healing progresses. Dr. Shohet and his staff were so professional, attentive and above all effective in my care that I do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need to improve their hearing.

Josiane DeK., 63

"I was diagnosed at age 19 with a genetic condition where the bones of my inner ear grow together. Over the years I suffered continuing loss of hearing. Later I learned of a brand new operation that would fix the problem. When I had the right ear operated on, it was a nightmare. It was so bad, I never had the left ear done. I’m now 63, and a lady I work with had the same problem with her ears. After learning about Dr. Shohet, she decided to have him conduct the procedure, a stapedectomy, and I thought, ‘I’ll see how she does.’ She was so impressed with her results--and with Dr. Shohet--she went back 6 months later and had her second ear done. I decided then to make an appointment with him myself.

I told Dr. Shohet how scared I was because of my first experience, and how bad my condition was. There is a difference between listening and really hearing. I felt he really heard me. He showed such compassion and yet, he had a sense of humor. He assured me that the procedure had improved over 30 years. I decided to have the surgery. When I came out of the anesthesia, I could hear. It was like a miracle! I had no dizziness, and no nausea. He showed his concern for me by calling the following morning, a Saturday, to see how I was doing. It took 30 years for me to make the decision, but I am so glad I did. I am so happy with my result, I want to fly my daughter out---she has the same genetic condition--to have her procedure done with Dr. Shohet. I have complete confidence in his ability to help her too. I am so grateful to Dr Shohet!"

Shane C., 26

“I had been hard-of-hearing all my life, when a hearing test made me realize I could be completely deaf before long. I started checking into alternatives and learned about cochlear implants. Dr. Shohet implanted my bilateral cochlear implants in March 2006, and it has changed my life! I’ve been able to make friends with my co-workers and start using the phone again. We also just had a baby, and being able to hear the little sounds she makes has been awesome.

Dr. Shohet explained everything and made me feel at ease—he has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have met. The technology in the office was  impressive. In fact, I’ve been very impressed with the entire group at Shohet Ear Associates. I do not want to go anywhere else!”

Barbara D.

I had been wearing traditional hearing aids for a while but was never really happy with them because they were itchy and uncomfortable. I had inquired about Lyric with my audiologist before, but she said I should at least try to get used to my aids and wear them more consistently. When I lost one and saw the Breakthrough Technology ad for the Open House at Shohet Ear Associates, I decided to go and see what more I could learn about Lyric. I was floored when I went to the Open House---they inserted the Lyric into my ears that day and it was perfect! I was able to hear and interact, and they were comfortable.

I left for a vacation that day and couldn’t believe the difference! Lyric improved my hearing by 100%, is more convenient and I can turn them off at night. It’s really the best of both worlds. As a nurse, I look at things pretty analytically but the first day of wearing Lyric, I really felt like singing “It’s a miracle!!” Even my friends have commented on how much better I interact. During that week, I told them the best part of my vacation was Lyric!

The whole experience was wonderful. The staff in the office were so friendly and nice, and the office is convenient---right by Los Alamitos Medical Center. Thanks to my visit to Shohet Ear Associates that day, I feel I’m finally getting out of my shell and can start living again.”