Earlens Hearing Aid FAQs

Can you feel the Lens in your ear?

Just like any hearing technology, wearing the Lens takes some time to get used to. Most users feel a slight sensation when it is first placed on the eardrum, but that feeling goes away quickly.

How does the Lens stay in place?

The custom design of the Lens makes it very stable. The Lens rests on the eardrum, much like a contact lens conforms to the eye. After the Lens is placed, you will be given instructions on how to apply mineral oil to the Lens to help keep it in place and working properly.

Can I shower or swim with Earlens on?

After removing the behind-the-ear Processor and Ear Tip, you can shower or swim as you normally would. If you swim regularly, we suggest using a pair of earplugs.

Can I remove and reinsert Earlens?

You can remove and reinsert the rechargeable behind-the-ear Processor with the attached Ear Tip. However, only a trained Earlens ENT physician should insert or remove the Lens.

Can I clean my ears when wearing Earlens?

Earwax generally does not cause problems with Earlens. However, we advise against using cotton swabs like Q-Tips or any other self-cleaning instrument, which could damage your Lens. Once you are fitted with Earlens, you will be provided with mineral oil and instructions on how to apply it to help move earwax out of the ear canal.

Is there a warranty?

Earlens comes with a 3-year warranty. Within the warranty period, there is no charge for component replacement due to manufacturing defects, and software upgrades to your hearing aid are provided at no charge. The system is also protected against loss or damage with one-time replacement coverage. Please consult with your local Earlens Hearing Professional for any additional costs beyond the warranty period.

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