Joni Doherty, MD, PhD recently spent a week in Cambodia as part of “Impact Cambodia,” a mission funded by Impact UK in the United Kingdom. The purpose of the mission was twofold: to treat ear disease in the Cambodian population,  and to teach local ENT doctors about performing otologic surgery in order to create a sustainable program for the future. The three-physician team on which Dr. Doherty served collectively performed 44 ear surgeries and over 200 patient evaluations in the five days they were caring for patients. In addition, the team trained seven Cambodian ENT doctors in the operating room and gave lectures to additional Cambodian doctors on the diagnosis and treatment of ear disease, hearing loss, and surgical techniques. Impact Cambodia is funded for three years, and Dr. Doherty will be returning next year as part of the same team. From left to right are Richard Wagner, MD, an otolaryngologist who runs Global ENT Outreach (GEO), Marta Sandoval, MD, an otolaryngologist in Barcelona, Spain, Sambo Tey, who heads Impact Cambodia, Dr. Doherty, and Va Savan, an otolaryngologist in Cambodia.