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At Shohet Ear Associates, we provide a unique combination of highly specialized and experienced medical and audiological professionals and leading-edge technology to diagnose and treat any medical ear condition or type of hearing loss.

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to offer a range of treatment options including minimally invasive surgical and interventional techniques, as well as novel targeted therapies that aim to restore and maintain quality of life. And with one of the widest selections of hearing aids, including the latest in digital, Bluetooth and programmable technology, we can provide all our patients with the best instrument for their individual hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.


Tinnitus is the medical term for sounds you hear in your head, that no one else can. A person with tinnitus will often hear a whistling, humming, buzzing, whooshing, clicking or ringing in their ears. This sound can be constant or intermittent and may even seem louder when you are trying to sleep.

Surfer’s Ear

Surfer’s Ear (or Exostosis) is a condition in which bony growths appear in the ear canal, blocking the eardrum.

Vertigo & Balance Disorders

There are several types of balance disorders caused by the inner ear, but two of the most common are Benign Paroxysmal Positioning Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease.

Ear Infections

There are different types of ear infections but common ones include Otitis Media, Swimmer’s Ear and Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media.

Kids & Hearing Loss

Some babies are born with hearing problems, while children born with normal hearing can sometimes develop hearing problems as they grow older.


The term otosclerosis is derived from the Greek words for “hard” (scler-o) and “ear” (oto). It is a disease in which an abnormal bone growth around the stapes bone, one of the tiny bones of the middle ear, prevents the ear bones from vibrating normally and leads to conductive hearing loss.

Aural Atresia

Aural atresia is a birth defect in which there is an absence or incomplete formation of an external ear canal. Both the external and middle ear may be malformed, but the inner ear and auditory nerve are often normal. It can occur in one or both ears.


Hyperacusis is a health condition characterized by an increased sensitivity to certain frequency and volume ranges of sound. A person with severe hyperacusis has difficulty tolerating everyday sounds, some of which may seem unpleasantly or painfully loud to that person but not to others.


Cholesteatoma is a skin growth in the middle ear behind the eardrum. The ingrowth often occurs as a cyst or pouch that sheds layers of old skin that build up inside the ear. Cholesteatomas can increase in size and destroy the surrounding bones of the middle ear.

Facial Nerve Disorders

Twitching, weakness or paralysis of the face are the most common symptoms of facial nerve disorders.

Ear and Skull Base Tumors

Tumors of the head and neck are abnormal growths and fall into two broad categories: benign, or non-cancerous; and malignant, or cancerous. There are many different types of tumors.

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