Treatment of hearing loss depends upon the type and severity of hearing loss. Possible treatments for hearing loss include:

  • Hearing aids. An ever-growing selection of hearing devices is available, including programmable and digital models. Shohet Ear Associates offers the broadest selection of hearing instrument types, styles and manufacturers – giving you reliable and outstanding hearing loss treatment. We help patients select the best device for their particular needs and lifestyle. We also work with each individual patient to ensure he or she receives the maximum benefit from the selected instrument.
  • Implantable hearing devices. As an alternative to traditional hearing aids, implantable middle ear devices are an option for those with moderate to severe sensorineural (“nerve-type”) hearing loss. Using a processor to transmit sound that vibrates the middle ear bones directly, the implant simulates natural hearing with improved sound fidelity – without plugging the ear canal. At the same time, feedback is significantly reduced. Shohet Ear Associates was the first—and remains the only–Orange County-based group to implant middle ear hearing devices.
  • The Esteem® Esteem is the world’s first fully implantable hearing restoration system. Esteem® is designed to help improve the hearing of many adults with moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. Esteem® is fully implanted in the middle ear. It is not a hearing aid. Esteem® uses your own eardrum as a natural microphone, picking up sounds from the ear drum, thereby using the body’s natural anatomy to reduce the background noise, distortion, and acoustic feedback that people experience with conventional hearing aids.
  • Cochlear implants. For those with a severe to profound hearing loss in both ears, cochlear implants may be the solution. This procedure allows many patients to hear actual sounds and improve their communication. The implants are a combination of an internal computer chip and an electrode coupled with an external speech processor. They are programmed in our office by a clinical audiologist.