Earlens Technology and Features

The Earlens hearing aid consists of 3 main parts: The Photon Processor, Light Tip and Lens. The Light Tip and Lens are custom built to your ear’s own shape based on an ear impression done by one of our specially trained ENT physicians.

With Earlens, the Photon Processor captures sound and transforms it into non-visible light. The Light Tip then sends those pulses of light to activate the Lens, which gently vibrates the ear drum to stimulate the ear’s natural hearing system. See how it works below:

By using light instead of a speaker to amplify sound, Earlens offers the most complete hearing of any hearing aid on the market and naturally minimizes feedback or whistling that can be an issue with conventional hearing aids. In fact, 95% of users were satisfied with the sound quality of Earlens in a clinical study.* In another recent stud, participants preferred Earlens 4:1 over their current premium hearing aids.

Earlens benefits include:

  • Fuller spectrum of sound for rich, more complete hearing
  • Automatically adjusts to challenging listening environments
  • Clinically proven to improve speech understanding*
  • Rechargeable technology eliminates the need to change tiny batteries
  • Take calls and stream music directly from your iPhone** through your hearing aid

*Data on file at Earlens

**iPhone is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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