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When Dr. Jack Shohet founded Shohet Ear Associates 15 years ago in Newport Beach, his number one goal was patient satisfaction. And so, he built a practice that offered everything a patient would need – diagnostic and advanced hearing tests, a wide variety of hearing aids and listening devices, and the expertise of ear physicians to treat any medical ear conditions – all under one roof.

He was also committed to offering the latest in hearing technology and treatments not only for patients located in Orange County and Long Beach, but people all over the world interested in leading-edge technological, medical or surgical options for hearing loss.

Listen to more from our founding physician, Dr. Jack Shohet.

This year Shohet Ear Associates will celebrate it’s 15th Year Anniversary.

We are honored to serve the hearing needs of patients from Orange County, Long Beach and around the world.  Take a look at our timeline and key milestones over the last 15 years.

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The Shohet Difference

All the Care You Need

Unlike other practices, we have a full team of medical, audiological and hearing technology specialists in each of our locations so that we are able to accurately diagnose and treat any hearing issue or medical ear condition.



Variety of Treatment Options

We are one of the only practices in the Orange County and Long Beach areas where you can be treated with every medical and surgical option for hearing loss – from the groundbreaking totally implantable Esteem, to invisible extended-wear hearing aid options like Lyric to cochlear implants and more.

High Tech Hearing Devices

Shohet Ear Associates is known for offering the latest cutting edge technology for the treatment of hearing loss. Hear Dr. Jack Shohet and Dr. Joni Doherty discuss some of these innovative treatments, including the Esteem totally implantable hearing system, and newly FDA-approved cochlear implants.

Wide Selection Of Hearing Aids

We also carry one of the widest selection of hearing aids areas and have trained audiologists onsite to help with identifying and selecting the right device based on individual hearing and lifestyle needs.  We also carry the latest in digital and programmable hearing technology that you can demo during your visit. Our commitment to carrying such a broad inventory of hearing aids means you are sure to find the best hearing device for you and be fitted and out the door in no time.

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Connect With Your Devices

Let us show you how you can connect with your favorite devices including your television, mobile phone or tablet, and use your hearing aids like wireless headphones.  We offer a unique ‘Get Connected’ Concierge Service to help you connect with your world and hear better all the time.

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