Envoy Esteem®

A Revolutionary New Hearing Technology

Envoy Esteem is the revolutionary hearing technology you have been waiting for!

  • The world’s first fully implantable hearing restoration system. Totally invisible. Only you know you’re wearing it.
  • The Esteem® Fully Implantable Hearing Restoration System. Now available at Shohet Ear Associates.
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Patients have traveled from all over the country to have their Esteem surgery performed by Dr. Jack Shohet.

The Esteem Package

We know the life changing difference the Esteem Hearing Implant can make in people's lives. The manufacturer, Envoy, has created a robust Esteem Package and reduced the price from $39,500 to a more affordable price of $29,500 - a significant discount from the previous cost.

When you purchase the Esteem at Shohet Ear Associates, you get the following Esteem Package:

  • The Esteem® Hearing Implant: all implanted components and the remote control.
  • All surgical costs and professional fees related to the implant procedure.
  • Six months of post operative visits with Dr. Shohet (if needed)
  • One Activation Appointment (8 weeks post-surgery)
  • Four Programing Appointments at 6, 12, 24 and 36 months.
  • The device costs of your first Sound Processor Exchange/Battery Change. (excludes surgical fees paid separately at time of service)
  • A Three Year Limited Warranty against device defects.

With this Esteem Package, you get a level of comfort and security that has never been offered before--at a savings totaling $16,000.

Considering the Esteem? Consider this:

Medical Expense Federal Tax Deduction. If you itemize deductions on your federal taxes, you may be able to take advantage of a sizable deduction based on your out of pocket expense of the Esteem. Depending on your age and adjusted gross income, the IRS allows you do deduct medical and dental expenses that exceed a certain amount. The Esteem qualifies and some individuals have seen sizable increase in their federal tax refunds.

Financing Available.Shohet Ear Associates has partnered with a healthcare lending company to make financing available to those who would like to finance all or some of their Esteem. If this is something you would like to look into, please contact Chelsea Robbins at (562) 270-4327.

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For more information, call Chelsea Robbins at (562) 270-HEAR (4327).

Envoy Esteem System

Why Shohet Ear Associates?

Shohet Ear Associates is one of only a handful of centers offering this new technology. In fact, Dr. Jack Shohet has been implanting the esteem longer than anyone in the world, with better outcomes. During the clinical trials for Esteem, eighty percent (80%) of Dr. Shohet's patients saw word recognition improved over their hearing aids. And his patients averaged a 18 decibel improvement in Speech Reception Threshold (SRT) scores beyond their hearing aids. That could mean the difference between hearing normal conversation and the whisper of a loved one.

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If you would like to improve your hearing loss while enjoying the convenience and appearance of not even wearing a hearing aid, then Esteem may be right for you. To learn more about the Esteem, click here.

Financing opportunities are available. To request an appointment, click here or call us at (949) 631-HEAR.

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